Classification of CNC Lathe by Function

CNC Lathe


1.       Economical CNC lathe, this kind CNC lathe adopt Stepper motor and single-chip to control feed of each axis of lathe, it is simple and cheap, but degree of automation and function is not attractive, otherwise, turning accuracy is not high, suitable for turning some rotate parts with low requirement.
2.       Normal CNC lathe, this kind CNC lathe adopt servo motor and servo drive to control drive of each axis, compare to economical CNC lathe, it has much better turning speed and accuracy, more function and degree of automation. It can control two axes(X axis and Z axis) at the same time.
3.       CNC turning center, at the basis of normal CNC turning machine, C axis and power head are brought in, and more advanced CNC control system are used, some even have tool magazine, it can control X,Z and C three axes, and two axes could be controlled together(X,Z), (X,C) or (Z,C). With tool magazine, it can be equipped with more turning cutters, and can change cutters automatically, some even can process size faces with another automatic chuck.
4.       CNC turning/milling center, normally, except turning, this kind machine can also do milling works, equipped with tool magazine, it can do various milling, turning, drilling and etc. by once fix.

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