General introduction of press brake(bending machine/bender)

bending machine


What is a press brake? It’s a kind of metal sheet processing machine tool that bends plate or sheet material, normally, this kind machine tools are called forming machinery. This type of forming can happen in all different sizes and shapes. Each machine applies force differently, with some using servo electric force, some using pneumatic force, some using mechanical force, and some using hydraulic force. Depending on the type of force used, this will also change the impact or speed of the force applied to the metal, thus creating the perfect shape or angle with sheet metal bending. Computer numerical control has now become essential to the process too, and because of this, the mechanical press has become the most common type of press used. It’s also the most accurate and the most powerful. Used with the back gauge, the mechanical press positions the material properly so that the metal is bent at just the right angle and place.
Press brake dies are made in different shapes according to need metal bend shape, so different jobs can be performed just by using different dies. For example, there are 90-degree press brake dies; these are used for bottoming procedures, but the type of press brake die used depends on the edge you want to produce. For example, air-bending dies will get acute angles, obtuse angles, and 90-degree angles. The type of air bending used will be contingent on how to set the ram to get the angle desired.

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