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Lathe is a kind of machine tools utilizes turning tools to turn rotating workpieces. It can also use drilling tools, reamer,screw tap,screw die and knurling tools to do corresponding machining. Lathe is mainly used to machine shaft, disc, and many other workpiece with rotating surface, it is a kind widely used machine tools.
Lathes could be classified by use and function

1. Common Lathe
Common lathe has wide use range, speed of spindle and feed rate could be adjusted in big range, it can turn external and internal surface, face , external and internal thread of workpieces.This kind lathes are operated manually,low producing efficiency, suitable for one-piece,small quantity works and repair plant.
Turret lathe or rotational lathe has turret head equipped with multi-pieces turning tools, so Turret lathe and rotational lathe can do many different workstages at once workpiece fixxing, suitable for large quantity production.

2. Automatic Lathe
Automatic lathe can do multi different workstages on medium and small size workpiece according preset program automatically, it is able to load and upload workpiece by itself and repeat same machining workstages one large quantity workpiece. so it is suitable for large quantity production

3. Multi-tool semiautomatic lathe
Multi-tool semiautomatic lathes are distinguished by single spindle, multi-spindle,horizontal and vertical. the layout of horizontal single spindle lathe is similar to common lathe, but two tool rests are equipped at two side of spindle respectively at different level. This kind lathes are used to make disc,ring and shaft workpiece, the efficiency is 3-5 times higher than common lathe.

4. Copying lathe
Copying lathe can do automatic processing cycle to turn large quantity parts according to the size of samples. it is suitable for turning small quantity or batches, its producing efficiency is 10-15 times faster than common lathe. It can be classified by multi-tool-rest,multi-spindle,check,vertical and so on.

5. Vertical Lathe
The spindle of vertical lathe is perpendicular to level, workpiece is fixxed on the level rotary working table, tools rest is located and move on the beam or column. It is suitable for turning large, heavy workpiece which is difficult to fix on common lathe, it has two different type- single column and double columns.

6. Backing-off lathe

While backing-off lathe is turning workpiece, tools rest is doing axial reciprocating motion, it it used to spade-turn teeth face of milling tools, hobs and so on. Normally, it has spading and grinding accessories, small abrasive wheel drived by separated motor spade and grind teeth face.

7. Special purpose lathe
Special purpose lathe is a kind of lathe used to machine special parts, such as crankshaft lathe, Camshaft turning lathe, car wheel lathe,axle lathe,roll lathe, and etc.


8. Combined Lathe
Combined lathe is main used for turning, but with some special components and accessories, it could be able to do boring, milling, drilling, slotting,grinding and so on, with multi-function, this kind lathes serve in vehicle, ship industry and so on.

9. Gap-bed lathe

The left of gap-bed lathe's machine bed sink down,so it can carry large diameter workpeice. In structure, two sides of gap-bed lathe is higher than middle, just like a riding-saddle. It is suitable for turning large diameter workpiece and workpiece with small axial size.

10. CNC lathe
CNC lathe is controlled by CNC system.
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